LouderNow Podcast – Episode 3: Our Top 3 Pop-Punk Albums of All-Time

In this special edition of our LouderNow podcast, Trent, Jacob and Matt sit down to discuss our top three pop-punk albums of all-time, along with the legacy of each pick.

Listen at https://www.talkshoe.com/episode/5411789

For some context, here are the ground rules we agreed upon before making our selections:

What defines pop-punk?

In short, we drew the line at screaming vocals. For example, we excluded LouderNow favorites A Day To Remember from our rankings, because of the group’s metal-influenced sound and vocals. Sorry, Matt.

What about bands that are no longer pop punk?

Evolution is only natural. Bands like Fall Out Boy (yikes) and Paramore have altered their  sound in recent albums, but that doesn’t make them ineligible for the list. We decided albums like From Under the Cork Tree and Riot! were acceptable, but later-career products like MANIA and After Laughter were not. Sorry, Jacob.

Can I pick multiple albums from the same artists?

Nope. Sorry, Trent. Much to our resident Blink-182 fanboy’s chagrin, we only allowed one album per artist. We did, however, allow side projects of major pop-punk bands. You’re welcome, Trent.

What if I can’t pick just 3 albums?

We know it’s tough to narrow it down, so we permitted two honorable mentions. Essentially, that makes this a top-five ranking, with a little more emphasis placed on that No. 3 slot.

Finally, here’s a compilation of our favorite songs from our major picks. Enjoy!


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