Ryan Key is selling handwritten lyrics again, just in time for Valentine’s Day

If you’re tired of screaming your lungs out, trying to get to your Only One, Ryan Key has got you covered. The former Yellowcard (#RIP) frontman is once again penning pages of Yellowcard songs and selling them on his personal website, this time branding it as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Key first started handwriting lyrics back in August, and announced the latest round on Jan. 2. According to his Twitter account, Key is only taking a limited number of orders.

And what impeccable timing from Mr. Key — who estimates deliveries will take about 4-6 weeks — with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. So if you and that special someone found yourself falling in love on the corner of Cherry Street late one night, there couldn’t be a more appropriate gift than Yellowcard lyrics.

We’re not here to put a price on your love and/or Yellowcard fandom, but Key’s words cost a pretty penny, with one page running you $100. There is a $25 discount if you purchase more than one. Still, we’re talking $75 for a piece of paper.

Kudos to Key, though.

With Yellowcard calling it quits last year, one might expect the 38-year-old to detach from music. But, on the contrary, he seems to be creatively rejuvenated. Since the band’s last show in March, Key has written Marvel comic books, been a regular special guest of Emo Night Brooklyn, played a batch of solo shows on Normandie’s European tour and performed alongside Linkin Park at its Chester Bennington memorial show. Key is also staying busy with his studio, The Lone Tree Recordings, in Tennessee, where he’s producing other bands and allegedly working on a solo album.

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