What to expect from LouderNow: A music blog by two pop-punk apologists

I really got to know LouderNow co-founder Trent in college, when his gray Honda Accord — not a car accustomed to earning second glances in parking lots — featured one unmistakable symbol plastered on the back windshield: blink-182’s iconic white smiley face, complete with five (not six) arrows.

This guy was a true fan.

Trent and I worked on our college newspaper together. This was late 2014, around the time Yellowcard released Lift a Sail. We had similar takes on the record. Drummer Longineu Parsons left the band. The drums didn’t hit nearly as hard. The symphonic opener was beautiful. “Crash the Gates” was Yellowcard riffing at its best. The title track was a sleeper hit.

And so, a friendship was born.

Since then, the amount of unnecessarily in-depth conversations we’ve had about music — pop-punk or not — is unfathomable. Over brunch, in the car, on the phone, via text, we always find ourselves discussing things as trivial as Matt Skiba’s flimsy live guitar tone and Ryan Key’s corny stage banter, or topics as large and existential as pop-punk’s reliance on nostalgia and artists’ responsibility to their fans.

We both studied journalism, so one day we thought, ‘you know what? Why don’t we turn these conversations into content?’

Welcome to LouderNow, a blog where you’ll find news, analysis and plenty of hot takes on the world of pop-punk and alternative rock music. Expect essays and album reviews. Expect podcasts, show recaps and (some) breaking news. Mostly, though, you can expect content on a genre many are quick to call a phase, produced by two guys who know its not.

Pop-punk is alive and well. We’ll be the first to prove it.

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